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3 reasons you should never DIY your ducted air conditioning installation

Air conditioning Installation

Do-it-yourself (DIY) culture has taken the internet by storm. 

There are thousands of YouTube tutorials and guides online for a range of topics, including the installation of ducted air conditioning.

People love to DIY because it saves a lot of money on hiring a professional to do the work. However, there are a wide range of risks associated with DIY home improvement projects – and in this blog, we share three undeniable reasons why you should never DIY your ducted air conditioning installation.

Read on and find out why you need to hire a professional ASAP!

#1. DIY ducted air conditioning installation could void your warranty

Most air conditioning manufacturers require their air conditioning units to be installed by a licensed professional. This ensures their air conditioning units are installed correctly, safely, and to their highest standards, so you don’t have a negative experience with their product.

By installing your own ducted air conditioning, you run the risk of installing it incorrectly, causing future malfunctions or poor performance from the unit in the future. 

Due to these risks, installing the air conditioning unit yourself would void the warranty, meaning you can’t get a replacement unit or get ongoing support from the supplier or manufacturer.

In order to keep your warranty, we recommend having your ducted air conditioning installed by professionals, like the team at Air Conditioning Industries. We work directly with Fujitsu, Mitsubishi, and Hitachi, so we’re the experts when it comes to installing, repairing and maintaining their units.

#2. You could damage the walls of your home or business

Ducted air conditioning units are complicated to install. 

There’s an internal unit called a fan coil that needs to be installed in the roof space of your home or business. 

Then, a series of ducts must be installed running from the unit to each room in your home, allowing you to cool or heat each room. Installed in these ducts are motorised dampers which control your zones and turn air off to areas which are not occupied, this is called “zoning” and can be controlled by the wall controller or WiFi is so equipped.

Installing the internal unit in the roof and running ducts from room-to-room can be complicated, if not damaging, if done incorrectly. It’s a lot of hard work and without the help of a professional, you run the risk of damaging the walls and ceilings of your home or business.

#3. You would be putting your safety at risk 

A lot of technical knowledge goes into air conditioning installation. From a deep understanding of the brand to the electrical know-how required to get the unit installed, you need to understand all the ins-and-outs of the air conditioning unit before even attempting installation.

There are various risks associated with ducted air conditioning installation. For example, mishandling the parts could lead to possible malfunctions down the line, or even a short-circuit and fire..

Plus, it’s important to remember air conditioning units contain refrigerants which can cause serious cold burns if not handled correctly also it is illegal and could lead to prosecution for a non licensed installer to work on the refrigeration side of things as well as the Electrical part. A trained professional should be the one to handle installation so you do not put your own health and safety at risk.

Save yourself the trouble and talk to a professional about ducted air conditioning installation 

DIY ducted air conditioning sounds like a good idea in theory – you can save a lot of money on installation, you can get your hands dirty, and experience the pride that comes with finishing a DIY project.

While DIY is good for building furniture, revamping your backyard, or even completing small renovations around the house, you should never DIY electrical projects like ducted air conditioning installation. 

Air conditioning installation can be complicated and there are a range of risks you need to consider, including short-circuits, malfunctions, voided warranties, and exposing yourself to potentially harmful chemicals and gases inside the air conditioning unit not to mention polluting the atmosphere and risking heavy penalties.

Save yourself the trouble and the risk – get in touch with the team of professionals at Air Conditioning Industries for reliable and efficient ducted air conditioning installation today!