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We’re doing our part to keep you safe from COVID-19

Keep safe from COVID-19

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At Air Conditioning Industries, we understand the importance of a healthy home and healthy customers. All of our staff have been trained in the best practices to protect both themselves and you from any risks associated with Coronavirus, as well as cold and flu in general.

Here is our company policy.


Our 7-steps to keeping you and our team safe

We are closely monitoring the ever-changing developments surrounding Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Taking into consideration information and advice from a variety of sources, we have implemented the following:

  1. Hand sanitiser is stocked in all our company vehicles. 

  2. We also have a supply of surgical masks for use if required.

  3. All employees must wash their hands when they get to the site, preferably from an external water source. 

  4. They wash their hands again prior to leaving your property. 

  5. Whenever they have the opportunity, our employees are encouraged to wash and/or sanitise their hands throughout the day.

  6. Employees are instructed to maintain the social distancing rule of at least 1.5 metres at all times.

  7. If our team comes into contact with any person that shows signs of Coronavirus or they feel they are at risk, they will notify the customer they are unable to continue with the job, leave the site and notify their supervisor immediately


If you have any questions about our policy or think that one of our team members may have put themselves or others at risk, please let us know.