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3 reasons why you need a solid air conditioner maintenance schedule

why you need an air conditioning maintenance schedule

Whether it’s the middle of summer or a bitter winter’s evening, you never want to be caught out with a broken air conditioner. 

Breaks and malfunctions can lead to discomfort in the home along with higher power bills and expensive air conditioner repairs (or replacements). Air conditioners require regular maintenance and cleaning of the filters, coils, and fins – otherwise, the unit will start to decline in performance and work harder to cool or warm the space.

Want to know the secret to a long-lasting air conditioner?

You need a solid air conditioning maintenance schedule.

In this blog, we share three reasons to book regular servicing, cleaning and maintenance with your local air conditioning specialists. Read on.

#1. Regular maintenance will help you keep your warranties

Ever taken your car to a mechanic for a pink slip inspection, only to have it knocked back because you need new tires, or there’s a tail-light which needs replacing? 

The same can be said for air conditioning, insurance and warranties.

Insurance companies are looking for any reason to knock back a claim, which is why it’s important to have a professional air conditioning technician service your unit on a regular basis to identify potential issues and prevent break-downs, malfunctions, and leaks.

An experienced technician will review the following:

  • Check condition of indoor and outdoor unit
  • Inspect electric terminals, clean and tighten connections
  • Check outdoor unit for obstructions
  • Check unit is operating as per manufacturer’s recommendation
  • Clean filters 
  • Check drains  clear if necessary

Getting these things checked once a year can help maintain the health of your air conditioning, but also ensure any insurance or warranty claims you submit pass with flying colours.

#2. You’ll save a few extra dollars on your power bill

Your air conditioning needs regular maintenance in order to run efficiently. Neglecting maintenance ensures a decline in air conditioning performance while your power bill increases. 

Air conditioning filters, for example, have a tendency to become clogged and dirty over time, leading to airflow obstructions and the impairment of your air conditioning’s coils to absorb heat. Dirty filters can also result in dirt carrying over into coils which will result in a costly coil clean. Unless filters are routinely cleaned or replaced you risk increasing your air conditioning energy consumption by 20%.

Most filters are reusable and easily cleaned, so it’s essential to keep on top of cleaning your filters. Even a quick clean once every quarter can help maintain the performance of your air conditioning – but it’s best to call a professional to ensure your air conditioning is in tip-top shape.

Routine maintenance can help maintain up to 95% of your air conditioning’s performance – so make sure to book in a regular service with your local air conditioning experts!

#3. You’ll increase the lifespan of your air conditioning unit

Purchasing air conditioning for your home or business can be a big investment – one you don’t want to have to make again anytime soon! You can avoid having to replace an air conditioning unit before its’ use-by-date and save on installation costs by booking regular services.

Air conditioning services find and address small problems that left untreated could grow into much bigger problems which are either a) expensive to repair or b) requires the entire unit to be replaced.

Book your annual air conditioning service with Air Conditioning Industries

If you don’t have trouble with the performance of your air conditioning, we recommend booking in for service, cleaning and maintenance at least once a year. By booking in annually, you can maintain the performance of your air conditioning and maximise energy efficiency, keeping your power bills low and your AC powering on for years to come.

At Air Conditioning Industries, we’re Newcastle’s air conditioning maintenance specialists. Whether you need a simple clean or complete unit inspection, we’re the most experienced team in the area providing reliable, hassle-free servicing.

Get in touch today to schedule air conditioning maintenance with our experienced technicians in Newcastle.