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Actron Air is a reputable Australian company which have been known for their ability to make fantastic air conditioning products. Enjoy a product tailored specifically for Australia’s harsh climate and reap the benefit of the latest technologies in energy efficient cooling.

Actron Air offers a wide range of energy efficent products such as ducted, split ducted, multi head, wall hung splits and packaged units.

Here at Air Conditioning Industries we are big fans of Actron Air and are your local experts on installation and servicing of Actron products. If you are looking for an affordable, reliable and energy efficient solution for cooling your home this summer, look no further than the team here at Air Conditioning Industries.

QUE System 2020

ActronAir's Vertical Discharge System

ActronAir's UltraSlim Low Profile Ducted System

ActronAir's MultiElite Multi Split System

Technologically Advanced

ActronAir are evolving with the times and controlling your home’s comfort like never before. Using the latest in room cooling and heating technologies.

QUE for example is a brand new wireless touchscreen remote and/or smartphone app which can help you control and regulate the temperature of your home. More than just a smart gadget, QUE allows flexibilty with integrated zoning, wireless control and a unique dashboard of settings giving the user ultimate control.

Actron Air Conditioning -
Actron Air Conditioning -
Actron Air Conditioning -

Affordable, Energy Efficient

Are you looking for one of the most energy efficient products on the market? Look no further than the range of products that ActronAir offer, sold at affordable prices and Australian made, you won’t go wrong with an ActronAir device in your home.

Air Conditioning Industries can help you explore energy efficient options for any type of budget. Give us a call on 4908 3700 any chat to a member of our friendly team to get started.

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Specialists in ActronAir

With more than 60 years of experience in Newcastle & The Broader Hunter Region, Air Conditioning Industries are committed to exceptional service in commercial and residential installation of all ActronAir products. We also provide a reputable service experience when it comes to fixing and maintaining ActronAir products.

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Actron Air Conditioning -

Installation & Servicing Of ActronAir Products

Here at Air Conditioning Industries we have tons of hands on experience working with ActronAir Products and strive for excellence in everything we do. Experience the difference that a reputable Australian owned brand and see the cutting edge technology, word class build quality and design expertise for yourself. Relax in comfort knowing that an ActronAir product will be ready to go and reliable whenever you need it on a hot summer’s day or a cold winter’s night.

Find peace of mind knowing that Air Conditioning Industries are your local experts and our team of technicians are hand picked for being the best in the business. With over six decades of industry experience you can’t go wrong with Air Conditioning Industries. Give us a call today to discuss more about ActronAir products.

Get an obligation free quote using our advanced air conditioning cost calculator or give us a call on (02) 4908 3700.

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Air Conditioning Industries supply and install Actron Air Conditioners.

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