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How much does ducted air conditioning cost to install?

Summer gets intense in Newcastle.

The temperature has been known to rise above forty degrees, leaving us all sweltering in the heat and running to the beach for a little relief.

Winter isn’t much better.

In June, the average temperature drops as low as seven degrees, forcing us to become human blanket burritos and hibernate until spring hits.

You’ve suffered enough burning summers and shivering winters. It’s time to get some air conditioning installed.

We know choosing the right air conditioning for your home or business can seem daunting. All homes and families are different, meaning the investment cost changes from person to person.

The good thing is there are no wrong answers when it comes to having air conditioning installed. However, there are a few things that can influence the cost of your air conditioning, including the size of your home, layout, and location.

We’ve thrown together a few helpful hints about air conditioning and how to determine the right unit for you.

#1. Size and layout

How much does ducted air conditioning cost to install? -
Image: Pixabay

Imagine the horror of installing an air conditioning unit in the entrance hall, then discovering it can’t reach the living room… or the bedroom… or the second floor…
It’s cooling off the front door exclusively.

It’s also racking up one heck of a power bill.


The most effective air conditioning for you depends on the size and layout of your home, apartment, or business.

For example, a one bedroom apartment with one floor might need a small 6 kilowatt (KW) wall mounted unit which costs around $2,200 – including supply and installation – rather than a 9KW ducted air conditioner suited to a three bedroom home with one medium sized living area, costing around $7,200.

A larger family home with four bedrooms and three living areas would need a 20KW air conditioning unit, complete with five zones and eleven outlets for maximum circulation throughout the house, costing between $9,000 – $11,000.

Architecturally designed houses are a unique scenario altogether. These high-end homes have minimal ceiling space, meaning air conditioning units would need to be installed in small areas like the space above wardrobes/cupboards.

These enormous speciality homes would most likely need an outdoor unit and multiple indoor units to get proper circulation, costing upwards of $20,000.

The best air conditioning unit for you comes down to the size of your home, the layout, and your own personal requirements.

The right air conditioner for the space it’s intended for could save you the shock of high power bills and ineffective air conditioning in future.

You can use our air conditioning installation cost calculator to estimate the price or talk to one of our air con professionals about finding your air conditioning soulmate.

Our qualified team are always happy to answer any questions you might have, so feel free to call us on (02) 4908 3700 to discuss your air conditioning requirements.

#2. Location

How much does ducted air conditioning cost to install? -
Image: Inspect My Home

It sounds impossible, but there are a few downsides to living on the seaside.

Houses within three kilometres of the ocean are at risk of salt damage. Yup, salt damage! Saltwater is notoriously corrosive, transforming soft lime mortar between bricks to dust, rusting wall tiles and warping brickwork, plus causing holes to appear in roof tiles.

The salt and moisture in the air can cause a dust-like substance to settle across all surfaces… even the inside of your air conditioning system.

Your condenser coil is the most vulnerable part of the unit. The aluminium fins of the coil are bound with copper tubes, and when salt gets between these materials, corrosion starts to occur, which means freon leaks and inefficient operation!

A corroded coil can cause the system’s efficiency to drop considerably causing the system to malfunction on high ambient days or an increase in power consumption. The saltwater damage can see the lifespan of your air conditioning unit drop from fifteen years to just four or five.

Your distance from the beach can influence which brand of air conditioning unit we can install. Some brands are more resistant to salt air or can be coated with a unique coating which protects against harsh weather and salt air.

The price of air conditioning is entirely unique to your home

There are three absolute essentials when it comes to air conditioning:

  1. You want to get a good price for it
  2. You want it to last as long as possible
  3. You want it to cool or warm the house effectively

There are multiple factors that can influence the cost of a new air conditioning unit. A large house will have a pricier air conditioning system than a two-room apartment, the same way an architecturally designed home with minimal roof space will cost more than a standard project home.

Another factor influencing the cost is the type of system as a ducted system can cost 4 to 5 times the cost of a wall mounted system.

Even location can affect price! Salt air can corrode air conditioners installed in beach houses, so specific brands or brands with a corrosion resistant coating would be better suited in order to get the maximum lifespan.

Yep, the cost of a new air conditioning unit can be confusing. Luckily, we’ve come up with a convenient method of finding out an average price… a swanky, brand new air conditioning cost calculator!

Just add your air conditioning requirements and preferences below to receive an estimated cost.

Discover the average cost of ducted air conditioning with Air Conditioning Industries – your local experts in air conditioning installation.