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Advantages of R1.25 air conditioner insulation over standard R1

Often, the things we don’t see are the things that turn out to be the most important.

When it comes to air conditioning, most homeowners look for reliable brands, positive energy efficiency ratings, an aesthetic design, and the placement of the unit in the home.

However, these components make up 2% of the air delivery system.

The rest comes down to flexible ducts.

Think of ducts as the arteries and veins of the human body. Ducts pump air throughout your home from your air conditioning unit (otherwise known as the heart of the house).

Just like your body, ducts can suffer from extreme temperatures and without effective insulation inside, your air conditioning performance will be reduced. Your unit will have to work much harder to achieve a comfortable temperature and your energy efficiency will suffer, too.

Insulation is one of the most important elements of your air conditioning unit. Read on to find out why.

Why do ducts need insulation?

Imagine it’s a hot summer day.

You’re sweating on the couch in front of the fan because, for whatever reason, the air conditioning isn’t giving you much relief.

On a steamy summer day, your roof air temperature can hit up to 70 degrees. Your ducts are pumping chilled air through hot pipes and some of the cool air is being lost due to poor insulation, leaving you less than satisfied with your air conditioning.

A similar process happens in winter. Outside temperatures can range from 0-5 degrees and hot air has to run through cold pipes, losing some of the warmth and reducing the overall performance of your air conditioning unit.

The most effective method of stopping temperature loss is adding an insulation barrier between the two extreme temperatures, just like adding a doona to your bed in winter for warmth.

Your ducts need insulation to maintain the ideal temperature you’ve set for your home. The more insulation, the better your ducts will perform.

How much insulation is best for my air conditioning unit?

Insulation is rated in terms of its thermal resistance or R-value. Your ducts resistance to temperature loss comes down to the thickness of the insulation inside, so in turn, the higher the “R-value”, the greater the insulation’s effectiveness.

The R-value is measured in terms of materials, thickness, and its density. The R-value of some insulation also depends on temperature, ageing, and moisture accumulation.
Installing more insulation in your home increases the R-value and the resistance to temperature loss. The ideal amount of insulation thickness comes down to the size and type of air conditioning you have, plus the length of the ducts in the actual unit.

However, Air Conditioning Industries recommend R1.25 over standard R1, because standard insulation is still prone to some temperature loss. We don’t want you to lose out on the perfect temperature in your home, especially with the extreme summers and winters in Australia.

That’s why we prefer to use Westaflex Greenduct.

What is Westaflex Greenduct?

Greenduct is an Australian-made, thermally efficient duct system which was developed by air conditioning experts, Westaflex, in an attempt to reduce running costs, prevent greenhouse gases, level out temperature loss and provide more comfort to the home.

These ducts have three levels of insulation thickness to suit Australia’s extreme weather conditions. Whether it’s burning hot or bitter cold, Greenduct’s insulation protects your air conditioning ducts from the weather and allows the air flowing through the ducts to remain at the optimum temperature.

The duct design is simple to install, too. These flexible ducts have a metal spine clamped over its inner duct core called “unilock” which provides strength to prevent the ducts from losing shape. The metal spine also allows the ducts to bend where needed while still providing comfortable airflow.

Why do we prefer Greenduct Ultimate over standard ducts from Westaflex?

  • Greenduct is up to 175% more thermal efficient than Westaflex standard ducts
  • Greenduct performance results in reduced energy usage and running costs
  • Homeowners can achieve comfort levels faster from their AC, plus heating and cooling operating times are massively reduced
  • Greenduct is more environmentally friendly and reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Greenduct also extends the life of your unit from its optimal performance
  • Greenduct is more flexible to install, plus more reliable when it comes to keeping shape over time.

There are countless advantages to using Westaflex Greenduct, or ducts with thicker, more malleable insulation. While it costs a little extra, Greenduct reduces your electricity bill and is much easier for us to install.

Please note we can still install standard Westaflex ducts – but the advantages of Greenduct Ultimate are undeniable.

Upgrade your air conditioning performance with thicker duct insulation

Insulation is the last thing most homeowners think of when buying an air conditioning unit, or having their current unit serviced.

Insulation is the unseen hero of air conditioning. Without insulation, your air conditioning ducts would be susceptible to extreme external temperatures, causing your air conditioning unit to work well below average.

We recommend sticking with ductwork R1.25 and above like Greenduct.

While standard R1 works, it will not perform nearly as well as R1.25, and your electricity bill will suffer from higher running rates.

Achieve better comfort in your home year-round.

Talk to one of our air conditioner experts in Newcastle about Greenduct insulation. We can help improve your AC performance.