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3 Reasons You Need To Clean Your Mouldy Air Conditioner ASAP

Picture this.

You’ve just finished spring cleaning and the house is spotless. The shelves have been dusted, the bed sheets and blankets have been washed, even the fridge has had a proper clean out. The house has never looked better…

…but hang on, what’s that damp smell?

Mould is an unavoidable issue in homes and businesses throughout Australia. Where there’s a water source, there’s a chance for mould and bacteria to grow. Unfortunately, that means mould and bacteria can grow inside air conditioners. With air moving in and out of the unit, plus water stored inside for optimum cooling, air conditioners are a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.

It’s essential to keep on top of air conditioning maintenance to ensure mould and bacteria doesn’t grow. Mould and bacteria can cause a tonne of problems throughout the house. Want to know more? Read on.

#1. Mouldy air conditioners can cause health problems

The biggest issue with mould and bacteria is that the spores can cause serious health issues if inhaled. Some people are more sensitive to mould than others, but exposure to mould and bacteria can cause general stuffiness, sore throats, rashes, coughing, wheezing like asthma, and even irritated eyes.

People with poor immune systems can also get serious lung infections from mould and bacteria spores.

If allergies and asthma are an ongoing problem in your home, or you live with someone who suffers from an immune system deficiency, it would be beneficial to get the air conditioner cleaned on a regular basis by a trained professional. This will remove the risk of mould and bacteria and ensure your home remains clean, happy and healthy.

Our experienced team can help keep your air conditioner clean and free from mould and bacteria. To find out more about our Bio-Clean service, call us on 02 4908 3700.

#2. Air conditioners can spread mould throughout the house and create new colonies

Mould and bacteria living inside your air conditioner can be blown around the house through the vents. If mould spores find another place to settle and grow, it’s possible the mould will start a new colony.

There are various places around the house that are susceptible to the growth of mould including cupboards, closets, carpets and even in clothing. It’s important to ensure the air conditioner is free of mould and bacteria to ensure it doesn’t grow anywhere else!

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to mould growth and distribution are the filters. Old filters don’t filter air quite as well as fresh ones, meaning extra dust and debris are getting into the unit – plus mould and bacteria are getting out.

Talk to us about maintaining your filters today!

#3. Your air conditioner performance will be poor – not ideal for hot summers OR freezing winters

In Australia, we have unpredictable weather, from colds snaps in the minus numbers to 40+ degree scorchers – which is why it’s absolutely devastating when the air conditioning malfunctions or stops working altogether.

A great air conditioner should be silent when it’s running. When an air conditioning unit becomes clogged with dirt, dust, mould & bacteria, they can start to make unusual noises.

If your air conditioner is screeching, grinding, rattling, buzzing or ticking, it could mean that the fans are caked in dirt, or an internal mechanism is clogged. Mould and bacteria can cause major issues with overall performance, decreasing its efficiency which results in higher running costs, so it’s essential to keep the air conditioner clean.

When mould is growing inside an air conditioner, a damp, musty smell will also be present. It could be the filters, the ducts or even the insulation, so make sure to call our experienced air conditioning team on 02 4908 3700 to service your air conditioner semi-regularly.

Make sure to talk to a professional about keeping mould out of your home

Mould and bacteria can be an issue in homes and businesses throughout Australia, causing damp, horrible smells and health problems all over the country.

It’s crucial to keep on top of air conditioning maintenance and cleaning. We recommend talking to your local air conditioning experts at Air Conditioning Industries about getting a professional service every now and then.

At Air Conditioning Industries, we offer the best air conditioning maintenance in the region. Regular maintenance of your air conditioner can help prevent future problems and unwanted costs – so get in touch with our qualified professionals for an annual check-up today. Call 02 490 3700.

Managing mouldy air conditioners throughout Newcastle, Central Coast & the Hunter Valley. Get in touch now!